~Self-Empowerment with Magick~


Many people in this day and age are overwhelmed by stress, insecurity, and fear regarding safety from terrorists, money problems, and such like and the common symptoms of this are headache, sleeplessness, digestive problems, depression and general tiredness. However these symptoms are just reactions to the feelings of being helpless and not in control of one’s destiny and not signs of physical illness, the main cause for these symptoms is the loss of spirit power.

Spirit power is the self-claimed right to access energy boosts from the Universe and from the earth itself. Most people do not realize they have even lost their spirit power until they have reclaimed it. What does spirit power feel like? It’s being clear headed and focused with the ability to develop coping and practical strategies. It is the ability to use magick effectively despite having worries and concerns. It is feeling energized with trust in all that is around you and a belief that you will overcome your fears and stay strong and focused.

The lack of spirit power shows itself as pure despair and the inability to see oneself moving forward. It is akin in this way to depression but can be resolved by regaining self-empowerment. There are some magickal ways one can do this.

Our Mother the Earth is a great nurturer and being directly connected via bare feet or any other means is extremely beneficial and should be practiced whenever possible.

Find a comfortable place in a park or in the country and simply lie down and feel yourself connect with the earth, imagine that you are blending with the earth and feel it draw away anything that is blocking your spirit power. Be patient, take as much time as you need. In time you will feel a regaining of strength as the flow of energy is rekindled. Be sure to give something back for the energy you have received.

Remember with magick you have to expect the unexpected as abundance and power can come in many forms and do not always show themselves as you imagine, keep an open mind and an open heart. You may experience sudden change so be prepared and remember that magick is not just a wave of a wand. Magick is a total comprehension and acceptance of how things may have to change in order to obtain the desired effect. Change is often painful and sometimes it is painful with magick – true, but If you are determined to retrieve your spirit power you must also be willing to take what comes and trust in the universal power.

If you can trust, then you can do magick for self-empowerment.



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