~How to Attract Good Things on a Night With a Full Moon~

The full moon presents an auspicious time for performing magickal work or creating charms to help you attract good things. The moon waxes as it transits from new to full, meaning that it grows larger. The effects of the waxing moon are especially potent on the night of the full moon, when magickal energy is at its peak. This is the time to attract good things to you, such as luck, money, a new job or love. Harness the power of the full moon to bring an important goal to fruition or to attain the object of your desire.


Charge an object with full moon energy to create a magickal amulet. The ebb and flow of ocean and river tides are directly affected by the moon, so select an object found in a natural body of water such as a seashell or river rock. Bury the object in sea salt while the moon is waning to cleanse it of existing energies. On the night of the full moon, rest the object outdoors and allow it to bask in the moonlight. Visualize your heart’s desire. Bring the stone indoors at dawn and carry it on your person daily to attract your wish. Repeat every full moon.
Concoct an herbal tincture. Select one or more herbs that correspond with your intent. For example, lavender is an herb symbolic of romance and should be used to attract love. Crush your herbs lightly with a mortar and pestle and place them in a mason jar when the moon begins waxing. Fill the jar two thirds full of vegetable oil, seal the lid and shake vigorously. Set the jar outdoors so that it intercepts the moon’s rays. Repeat this process every night up to the night of the full moon. Use the tincture for spells or anoint yourself with it daily to attract your desire.
Create a full moon drink. Pour distilled water into a clean mason jar and insert a quartz crystal. The quartz crystal is an energy conductor that will amplify the energy of the moon. Seal the jar and place it outdoors under the light of the full moon. As you retire to bed, meditate on the jar. Visualize the moon’s rays soaking into the water and turning it into a magickal good luck potion. Bring the jar indoors at dawn and remove the crystal. Drink a glass of moon water each morning to attract positive things.



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