~A Poem for Samhain~


by ~der-morgen


Hear the wolf cry and the old bull bellow

At the pulse of the spirits on the eve of All Hallows

As the sky grows dim and the clouds are low

And the Earth is alight with the Autumn glow

Oh, Samhain, Samhain! The night of old!

The veil grows thin and the ether grows cold

The spirits fly forth at the end of the day

With a candle I show them the way…

I walk in the forest in the cold, crisp air

My spirit is free and my soul is bare

I walk in silence but never alone

The spirits surround me, their power has grown

Oh, Samhain, Samhain!  The raven, he calls!

His power it steals through the icy stone walls

As the night nears its darkest, so black and so bleak

The spirits, the spirits, they speak…

Their visions before me, they course through my soul

Their power consumes me, I fight for control

The ground falls before me, the forest is gone

The night creeps inside me and at last we are one

Oh, Samhain, Samhain!  The Goddess divine!

The power, the raven, the night, it is mine!

It courses my blood and it whips through my hair

It invokes deep within me my own power there…

As I stand in this circle my eyes see anew

The forest it glistens like clear morning dew

As I take up the candle the spirits take flight

I whisper my blessing to the cloak of the night

Oh Samhain, Samhain!  Most sacred of days!

Vanish once more with the first morning rays!

The clear, chilly dawn echoes over the land

As the Goddess descends with the moon in her hand…

At the call of the bull and the wolf’s mournful cry

At the howl of the wind and the weight of the sky

The spinners will spin and the weavers will weave

The soul of the Goddess on All Hallows Eve.


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