Norse Shamanism ~ Santa & the Mushrooms

~Norse Shamanism & The Magick Mushrooms ~

Santa Shrooms

Its Winter Solstice time and from the North comes this Shamanic influence on our current day Christmas traditions ~

Now we can explore the similarities to the ancient’s traditions from Nordic and Siberian Shamans, we have been brought a few interesting customs, includings the origins of Santa Claus bringing Solstice (Christmas) gifts to all ~ Dried mushrooms that were hung by the fire with care.

Here in the USA, we are most familiar with Shamans as relating to our Native Americans. Even though we are dealing with a very much different environment, Mother Earth provides ~ This mushroom is the Amanita Muscaria, also called Fly Agaric. Muscaria is a psychotropic, bringing in visions and altered states. It is also toxic and must be handled with care to get the psychedelic effects without the toxic ones. Shaman to the Tungus~speaking Siberians is a religious master, just as the ones in America. Although much less Tribally diverse, the Tungusic are the Russian indigenous people.
As for the Lapps, they live above the Arctic Circle and they are Reindeer herders. The Shaman cared for the mushrooms, for both the spirituality and as wise protectors. So, the Shaman would collect the mushrooms in a bag and deliver them to families, who would hang them in socks near the fireplace to dry. This drying process provided safe mushrooms by the time the Solstice arrived as it solved the toxicity problem. Amanita Muscaria grows only beneath a Coniferous Tree. (Pine Tree ~ starting to sound familiar ???) It has a symbiotic, non~parasitic relationship with the roots of the tree. Now the Shaman didn’t have things totally easy here. The Reindeer love the mushroom as well. So the Shaman had to beat them to it. Yes, the staggering Reindeer would be truly “flying” in a sense from their tasty morsels ~

Siberian Shamans continue to dress in ceremonial red and white fur~trimmed jackets to gather the magick mushrooms. They started the drying process by placing them on the pine boughs. So lets see, we have the Red clothes, red & white mushrooms on pine trees, Santa and Christmas colors on the Christmas Tree. But how do the presents get into the home ??? Well, with traditional yurts, if the snow had buried the doorway, there was that hole at the top to let the smoke from the central fire out. They would be gathering enough to supply the whole Tribe and then deliver . So then the Shaman (Santa) would come down through the roof hole (Chimney) bearing gifts. The celebration was on, and yes, You can be sure that Santa and the Reindeer were “flying” on that “magick” Sleigh, as was the entire Tribe elsewhere ~


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