The Gift Giver & Father Winter

As always, a great post, thank you so much and may I also wish you Solstice/Yuletide blessings.
Love, light and abundance

Sang Rouge Terre Blanc


At this time of year we are expected to emanate peace & good will to mankind, & to celebrate a birth/rebirth. We at SRTB notice that alongside this very dominant theme,  and woven into our winter mythology, are the archetypal strands of ‘Father Winter’ & ‘The Gift Giver’. It is upon these facets that we focus our attention for our Midwinter/Christmas post.
These two aspects of the winter archetype have been in our opinion somewhat neglected, with the gift bringer being reduced to a jolly old elf whose image is derived from a coca-cola advertisement. The Disneyesque image of ‘Jack Frost’ is all that seemingly remains of the once powerful ‘Father Winter’. (This is not to demean either of these as valid contemporary archetypes).

Let us now take a closer look at the primary forces behind these two entities. One delivers the gifts to the hearth; bringing warmth & cheer, the other drives…

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