*Spring Equinox Ritual*

Ostara Blessings to all!


Spring Equinox Ritual

The focus of spring is of the giving and sustaining of life. The ritual of the spring equinox has a focus of love, life, and hope. It is a celebration of being alive and opportunity and possibility of growth, change, and improvement.

Rituals in the spring time usually include music, or dance, or drumming, or sex along with meditations of expansion. And with the activities that area associated with the celebration of life, is usually taking seeds and blessing them, and then scattering the blessed seeds with the wind or planting the seeds in the earth. .

Example of a Spring Ritual (may be done Alone or with a Partner)


Prepare a ritual cloth, such as a square cloth, sheet, or blanket. Lay the ritual cloth on the ground and place an object in the north corner that represents the earth to you (such as rockā€¦

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  1. Holland & Flannery
    Mar 20, 2015 @ 13:45:13

    Glad you reposted your Spring Equinox Ritual MMM, it’s a lovely working, especially for those working solo, and perfect not just for connecting to others, but also for connecting with the Equinox/Ostara energies and rhythms, around us and within us at this time.



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